My name is Nicholas Bennett. I love stories, building business and creating videos. I believe in execution over perfection, which is the reason why you may find the odd spelling mistake in my work, as I was mostly writing the post while hang-gliding. That’s a lie I’m just a shitty speller.

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Joining The Australian Defence Force straight out of high school and proceeding to jump from industry to industry looking for that dream job we are all taught exists kept me searching and most all trying new things.

From the Oil & Gas fields in the North Sea to the Arts scene in Melbourne’s up and coming film industry, through to Journalism, Media, Sales, and Business Development. Hopping around the world trying things along the way.

I am a try anything once (twice if someone gets a laugh out of it) kind of person, which naturally lead me to the entrepreneurial and creative world of tech start-ups here in LA.

The development of a career to work with like-minded people where collaboration in creativity comes into developing new projects, whether that be in business or art. Is the aim.

If you feel we could be a great fit… or have a project you would like to collaborate on feel free to get in touch.