The 2018 30 Challenge. | #1

This will be the first of 30 posts, a challenge set by myself to ensure I attempt at least a small amount of writing this coming year.

The idea is to improve how I articulate my thoughts, take a risk by bringing as much vulnerable truth as I can muster to each topic I write about, whilst hopefully, saving others from the mistakes I have made, and with reflection learn more about myself and the things I write about.

So, with that said, Let’s begin.

If you were to ask people what I do you would probably get varying answers, some would say, Entrepreneur, others would say I’m an Actor, few would say Writer, and most would say Salesman, Leader or Businessman. They would all be right in some regard.
I… I believe myself to be a creator or better yet a co-creator because rarely anything I do is truly original.

It doesn’t matter if it is a business strategy, a book, screenplays, a sales process or marketing and product development, I truly just want to create.

Why must you only be one of the above, why can’t you say “Hi my name is Nick, I am a creator.” or “Hi I’m Nick, I try and build things.”

I grew up with the mentality that ”I will try every facet of life, even the bad” this lead me to try, fail and suck at more things than I wish to mention but, what it did lead me to was the thrill of creating and building something, to see it fail or even on a rare occasion it sometimes working.

So, This is me…

My Name is Nick, I am 25, I work for an Australian start-up company, we recently became the #4 fastest growing tech company in Australia. I live in LA where I head up our USA Sales operations, recently acting as COO of the USA and now Heading up our Sales engine.

I love building content, from writing a book (yes singular) to acting in short films, web series(s) and even a couple of indie feature films launching later this year.

I did a short stint in the military, studied business, marketing, accounting, economics, and journalism at university… none of which I finished. I have worked on Oil rigs around the world from the Northern Seas of Europe to Jungles in Asia and sweated it up in the outback of Australia.

I have worked in bars, stripped for money (although I am a terrible dancer), and once I was a lifeguard which I was utterly terrible at, but don’t worry no one died so it’s fine.

I grew up in a small town 3 hours from the nearest city with a population of around 10,000 people.

I come from an extremely hard working blue collar military family, which meant I was blessed to grow up in a number of random little towns around Australia.

Like most Aussie’s I love to travel, at this point in life I have lived in over 15 cities permanently and visited another 40 on top of that.

I am now at the point in my life where I have tried a few things, seen a few things and experienced a few things, I’ll be it rather shallowly. Although most people under 30 would feel that doing something for 2 years makes you an expert, it doesn’t.

Living how I have lived I believe makes you a great student but a notorious jack of all trades master of none, which is something that I feel won’t bring great impact.

Thus it is no longer enough to merely try things, the aim is to go deeper into a select few areas where I can hopefully have a greater impact on the world than merely to just experience it.

But where to start?… A self-indulging blog of course.

I am Nick and this is just another attempt to become a creator, a builder, a producer.


Ask and you shall receive.

You have probably heard a quote along the lines of ‘If you can dream it, you can achieve it.’ The power of thought is something many preach, few master and most don’t believe.

Some call it ‘woo woo’ others call it ‘God’, some ‘The Universe’ others just plain old positivity. The power of thought and the way we think is still shrouded in so much mystery with the majority of the global population being victim to their own thoughts, it becomes hard for us to believe that by merely thinking positively it can give you the life you have always wanted.

Simply ‘manifesting’ everything you desire as ‘they’ say.

For me, it was always hard to have faith in the unknown I question everything (including myself), too much. But what I will share with you are a few reasons why this is something you need to look into.

Since being thrown into the world of entrepreneurship and self-development, the mindset is preached higher than anything. 

Here are my results both short term & Long Team;

The last 2 years (long-term);

I have just finished my second year with the company I work for, just 2 months after focusing on my mindset I landed a role as an actor, a job as an entertainment presenter, a free trip to a coastal paradise and a job that would take me around the world.

I have now built myself within this company to the point where the board trusted me enough to fly half way around the world to lead and build our company.

Upon returning back to Australia for a brief period, I had a moment to refocus and assess where my head was at, I decided that I wasn’t doing as much as I should and refocus in on the mindset that 2 years prior had lead to all my minor successes.

This and our CEO outright told me to meditate.

The Last 3 weeks (short-term) – 

Writing down my goals, my affirmations and who I am (even though I am not what I am writing yet) I have sold more than any other person in our company, gaining the attention from the entire board and investors.

I twice a day think, feel and believe I am successful that I attract wealth and live in abundance in all areas of my life. It just so happens that I built my network in one of the richest areas in Sydney and made more money in one week than I ever have with this company.

Or maybe it was just coincidence. 

There is something I can’t explain, it is an ‘energy’ all of us feel but none of us can accurately articulate, what it actually is or the power it has. This is where terms like ‘God’ ‘the universe’ and ‘one-ness’ start to pop up, it is our individual way of attempting to explain the unexplainable.

Don’t bother.

Life is mystery don’t waste time trying to figure it out (see the sense of humor post), just know that there is something at play greater than ourselves and it is on your side, but not only that. You can influence it, guide it and if you get good enough you can control it.

There are too many people that are running this world, the uber successful, athletes, actors, business people, politicians, the world leaders who believe in this power, this energy that at some point or in every single day of their lives it is at play. 

The opportunities you can’t quite figure out just how you got so ‘lucky’ to be in the right place at the right time.

The next step once fully understanding and accepting there is something at play greater than yourself is to start using it to not only allow it the power to help but to start writing the script to how it helps you.

To do this it is very very simple which makes it even more unbelievable for some to trust in. But trust me it works.

  • Have a clear vision (Goals) for what you want. (write it down, over and over and over. I do this morning and night.)
  • Speak it into the world/ take action on it. (Don’t hide in fear and wait for it to happen, that cowardess, the universe can sense that, you need to have the courage to take the first step.)
  • Consistency beats potency – 10 minutes a day is better than one 10 hour day. (Do it every day not one day a month for 24 hours straight.)

Allow time to happen, have an ounce of faith and take action every day in the direction of your vision, it will all fall it to place, trust me on that, it works in weird ways.

Staying aware, being present and letting it come into your life is the trick, staying grateful that it is there to help is a must.

This thing we call life happens for you.

It is an amazing, beautiful thing we have been blessed with. Enjoy it.

Be so selfish you’re selfless

This was told to me by Dennis Wong a very successful man who owns a company called ‘YOR Health’ along with a whole pile of other endeavors.

Dennis Wong is a self-made multi-millionaire who came from less than nothing and built his life into something many would dream of. In the short time I had getting mentored by him he said ‘Be so Selfish you’re Selfless’ initially it sounded so wrong, it went against everything I had been taught and believed in as what I would call a good person.

I was dead set wrong. 

A short while ago this became beyond crystal clear to me, you can not help other people if you can’t help yourself. You also can’t build everyone around you whilst trying to build yourself, now don’t confuse this with pushing others down, no, you just can’t be trying to fix and help everyone else whilst you’re not in the position to be helping others.

It’s ok not to be in that position, it isn’t ok to not reach your dreams.

Whilst building my team that would bring a new product, into a new country and a new untested market I surrounded myself with people I respect but people that aren’t better than me, people that are on a similar level to me but unfortunately looks to other people to guide them and build them aka me.

This is fine if you have your own mentors, however, what the problem is is that you are trying to water too many seeds, you will all perish and that’s exactly what happened. 

Trying to keep everyone employed, despite poor results, trying to mentor and be patient with people that just don’t have what it takes was time-consuming, draining and an extremely expensive experience.

Half a million dollars to be exact.

Work with those who deserve it not who need it. Thus focus on yourself.

If I had only pursued my dream and pushed as hard as I could for me and me alone I would have put us in a better position allowing me to help more people which would have included my family.

Unfortunately, I tried to keep everyone happy and help everyone reach their goals, this was a mistake it spread me too thin and I am the one that suffered the most.

Fill your cup, then fill everyone else. Just like they say on the safety videos on planes; ‘put your mask on then the child’s’ if your dead you both die.

It may sound counter-intuitive, it may selfish and that is exactly what is it. There comes a time to be selfish and a time to be selfless, know when these are. It will bring in better results for everyone. By being selfish (if you are a genuinely good person) you are in essence being selfless you will accumulate more resources and bring more opportunities to the people you are out to help.

The result of me trying to help everyone in the short term ended with us all out of a job.

Luckily a second chance was given and with that, a new perspective on how to build our team and help us each as individuals and as a company reach our goals. This came with a selfish approach taking more care with who I spent my time with, restricting calls with the negative people in the team and getting rid of the low performers, however ruthless this sounds it allows the people that truly deserve the reward to actually receive it.

Why you should Go Home.

Recently I was forced to head back to Australia to transfer visas something I wasn’t looking forward to. However trying to look on the bright side, it would allow me time to head back to my home town to see my family and high school friends.

It has the same affect on me every time I do so. Motivation overdrive.

The drive to achieve more, become more, help more, grow more, prove to them, prove to myself, to prove to everyone that had doubted me, all the emotions that come with a lost out of place slightly spiteful teenager that is out to show the world how great he is, gets rekindle.

Taking the time to go back to where it all started has so many benefits, firstly it humbles you to never forget where you came from ensuring you are thankful and grateful in the upmost of all the amazing things you are getting to experience along with your journey that so many others don’t.

It gives you time to reflect on what you truly want, the dreams and aspirations of your 16-year-old self flood back (well they do for me anyway). It gives you a chance to look at what you’re doing now, is it what you dreamt of doing all those years ago? If not why not? are you really living the life you dreamt of living?

And lastly, out right ball breaking sickening motivation rejuvenation to see the people that laughed at you, poked fun at your dreams, down graded your goals, belittled your aspirations doing absolutely nothing, is oh so sweet.

For me it drives part of me, it may be the childish immature part, but that part gets the gears moving. Stuff forgetting all the bad times the average minded people (they’re the worst kind be wary of them) use it, let it burn inside you, let it eat at you, let it get you up early and force you to stay up late.

Being around people that now can no longer belittle my goals as I am proving to them that I am going to be great, no longer can they laugh at me saying it won’t work like they used to… before the results started to flow in. 

You would think they would praise you or at least compliment you, this doesn’t happen they just stay quiet. They go from ‘haters’ to ‘Naysayers’ these are the most dangerous people they no longer outwardly put you down, which is very easy to fight against. 

No, they stay silent, they don’t ask, they don’t complement, they make indirect comments about the risk, about the possible negatives that could come out of what your doing, or highlight what others are doing. 

Let them.

You are now shining a bright flood light on their short comings their dreams not achieved, their fears, their insecurities, their weakness.

Own who you are, go home let it reignite the dream the ignorantly positive dream that inspired you to start this trek all those years ago as you walked home from school, knowing you are better than everyone you are surrounded by.

You are a dreamer, never ever stop dreaming.

Why laughing at yourself is so freeing.

A great movie is the ‘peaceful Warrior’ I highly recommend going out and renting it or ripping it for free, whatever.

It is about an injured gymnast or finds the oddest of coaches in a service station attendant he is taught about his body, mind and the universe and all of it is based on a true story he…. I won’t ruin the ending.

Now, he is taught the 3 laws of the universe:

#1 The world is a mystery don’t waste trying to figure it out.

#2 Change – Know nothing stays the same.

#3 Humour – Have a great sense of humor especially about yourself.

We are going to talk about #3 Humor, it is undervalued at times and it is absolutely game changing when implemented holistically.

I recently found myself juggling multiple requests in a position I knew nothing about, at night studying on everything to do with the topic so the next day I could continue saying yes to people many years in advance of me and that are truly successful in this area. 

Somehow convincing them to trust me to get the job done. At times I would be nervous, worried and cautious to say yes. Don’t ever say no (see ‘Yes Man’ Post). I have built my life off saying yes. 

What gets me saying yes is knowing that as I walk out of the meetings with people who shouldn’t know I exist is that I will be laughing. I find it hysterical that they listen to me, that they look to me for an answer and trust me to guide the situation.

Keeping a sense of humor and light-heartedness about any situation allows you to operate closer to a feeling of ‘play’, similar to that as a child where there is no worry just fun and opportunity.

This isn’t to be mistaken for not thinking highly of yourself in any regard but to allow yourself the freedom and it is freedom to not take yourself so seriously. The worse that can happen might sound deathly at the time but it isn’t, you may lose a contract, your job or worst of all maybe you’ll lose face.

In 12 months, shit, in 12 weeks it won’t matter, you can build again better, faster and bigger.

But if you win, if it goes your way. Your life with speed up at a pace to everyone around you that is shocking, the upside is endless… never ever cap your upside.

Go big, and smile the whole way to the top.

Don’t tell the world your vision, Sell them On it.

I work in a company where not only does the left hand not know what the right is doing, but the left doesn’t even know there is another hand.. or that there are two feet.

However, recently I sat down for a few drinks with the founder and CEO of the company a very successful young man, the youngest to take a company public in fact. 

Now, I asked him “What is his vision for this company?” 

He proceeded to tell him his vision and why the company is in existence. Without divulging his mission it was something I would have never guessed in a million years. Instantly my respect for him and where we are as a company and we are going grew, but more so why we were going went there is the reason my respect went through the roof.

My point is this, make sure you have a vision. But, not only that be able to communicate your vision and then ensure the people around you, your team the ones who are going to help you get there know your vision. 

Your team might not be a company, it could be your family, your girlfriend, your teacher, your coach, your best friends it doesn’t matter who they are in your life if they affect your chances of reaching your goal, your vision for your life they need to be on the same page as you.

Connor Mcgregor said it ‘Notoriously’ good ‘A lot of times people believe certain things, but they keep to themselves, shy away from them, they don’t put it out there. If you truly believe it, if you become vocal with it, you are creating that law of attraction and it will become a reality.’

You need a vision for yourself, that is certain. You then need to be able to articulate it, sell people on it and inspire people with it. There are very few things if anything in this life that you are able to do on your own you need the help of the people around you to make it happen.

I believe there are two types of people in this world; those with a vision and those without, much like that in sales as Grant Cardone puts it you are either being sold or doing the selling, the ones without a vision are helping someone else achieve theres.

Figure out what your vision is.

Once you are so sold on your vision that you can’t keep it in anymore project it into your life, build an army of people that are going to help you achieve it, people love to help people, whether you think so or not, they do.

Now a word of caution, once you start to tell people your vision depending on the people around you there will blow back.  If they feel they are better then you maybe they will encourage you, if they feel threatened they will mock you, discourage you, warn you, or worse do nothing at all.

It most likely won’t be an outrageous hatred filled comment sent in your direction, but a smug ‘good luck with that’ or ‘geez that’s going to be hard’ or maybe a chuckle.

I have two laws you need to live by. Period. No Buts. Cut these people out of your life. if they do not join your bandwagon, once again fucking period, Get rid of them. They are cancer and will pull you down slowly, silent and surely.

If they do not join your bandwagon, once again fucking period, Get. rid. of. them. They are cancer and will pull you down slowly, silent and surely.

This doesn’t have to be a dramatic thing just take note of how they react and ignore it, find the people that will join you.

There are a few reasons for their reaction and most of them are none of your problems. It shows more about who they are as a person then it does about you. 

The one thing that will be your fault is your conviction, unfortunately, you probably aren’t going to speak about it with much conviction or clarity the first 2 dozen times, which is ok.

If you say it enough it will become your promise,  your oath, your future.

Good luck, aim high and don’t just tell the world, sell, inspire and uplift the world with your vision.


Learn sales

Sales are the key pillar of all business, period, we know this. Although to take it one step further I believe sales is the key pillar of life.

It is the art of influence and communication between two or more people, it is the master key for all locks. This is something I wish I was taught in primary school (elementary school to non-Australians).

Sales have such a terrible stigma attached to it that so many people are turned off by the idea of being called a ‘salesman’ and up until the last few years I thought the same way. I am going to tell you why sales are so important, and no doubt you will probably still say yeah it’s just not for me and I will still call Bullshit. 

Being good at sales isn’t just about money, it’s actually not about that at all it’s about getting what you.

Hopefully, my story will help.

I left high school at 18 like all normal kids not knowing what to do I signed up for the Australian Military after traveling the country drinking too much and meeting people I still call my closest friends I moved on. 

After a small stint as a bartender (where somehow I managed to drink more than in the Navy) I got a job in the Oil & gas industry traveling the world working on Oil Rigs and to be completely honest being bored as shit, I thought yep I should go to uni and back to bartending.

University because that’s what you’re ‘meant’ to do right? After two years and 4 separate majors and changing degrees 3 times. I finally got the balls to chase my dream of becoming an Actor, that is where I met a one Kahli Wiliams, an amazing Actress and an even better salesman (although she would hate me saying that).

 Kahli hooked me in and I joined her Network Marketing company (MLM) if you have heard of these you probably have a bad taste in your mouth and probably for good reason, I hadn’t.

Well, that is where I first learned about this thing called “sales” and upon starting with the company where I was thrown into a room of sales people (even if that’s not what they called themselves). That is where I was shown the world of personal development and audiobooks. 

I studied, I sold, I hustled every Mofo I could find and even the ones I couldn’t. Walking into shoe stores pretending to buy the new Nike’s I would hit up the workers to join my team.

Within 4 weeks of being shown how to sell and yes rather poorly I had landed my first lead role in a feature film (Highest Point), convinced a lecturer to give me extra time which meant I would pass and not fail the semester, landed a free trip to one of the most beautiful places in Australia, sold $16,000 worth of green juice and landed a job that in 12 months time would take me to the USA as Head of Operations for a publicly listed video technology company (which is where I write this from as I fly back home from Texas). 

All that within the first 4 weeks of learning sales, now I am not the best salesman by any means but what I learned, however, is how people think, how to sell myself, my ideas, my vision and to convince people to follow me (leadership is also what kids should be taught but lets save that for another day). 

I learned influence and the communication skills to articulate it.

Sales are simply the skill of communicating so you can get what you want whenever and however you want it. It is ok to get what you want, the girl, the job, the promotion, commission, the lead role, picking where to go for dinner.

It is ok to get what you want, the girl, the job, the promotion, commission, the lead role, picking where to go for dinner.

As Grant Cardone said ‘Your either selling or being sold’

Sales have opened doors that I never thought I would have available to me, allow yourself to learn this skill. Here are the books I started with;

Tony Robbins – The Power of Influence (You-Tube Video)

Grant Cardone – Sell or be Sold

Brian Tracy – The Psychology of Selling

Jim Rohn – Anything that comes out of this man’s mouth.

Pitch Anything – Oren Klaff

If you read this you will probably notice how closely sales and leadership intertwined this is for the very simple reason of the two skills above influence and communication and yes they are skills and they can be learned, trust me.