The long story short:

I love building business, but even more so people. I love collaboration in Creativity. I love the outdoors and anything that kicks the heart rate up.

Joining The Australian Defence Force straight out of high school and proceeding to jump from industry to industry looking for that dream job we are all taught exists kept me searching and most all trying new things.

Next moving into the Oil & Gas fields in the North Sea, Eastern Asia, and the Australia Outback somehow lead me to the Performing Arts of Melbourne’s up and coming film industry, through to Journalism, Media, Sales and Business Development.

I am a try anything once (twice if someone gets a laugh out of it) kind of person, which naturally lead me to the entrepreneurial and creative world of tech start-ups.

Being fortunate enough to be thrown into leadership roles at such a young age, forced me to develop and grow an array of skills so that I could develop the foundation for an organization that would scale, I sought out any book, mentor, blog, or podcast I could find to become an expert on sales process. I taught myself how to build out the Hubspot , developed hiring and training programs, established reporting and dashboards for the Board and Executive team, worked on pricing and packaging, planned sales territories, built the sales commission plan, and built a management team that believes in creating conditions that allow salespeople to show their strengths, while eager and willing to improve their weaknesses.

I am now the Senior VP for the USA for BIG Ltd (ASX: BIG) a unique video review platform that allows small business to take part in the powerhouse that is video marketing.

The development of a career to work with like minded people where collaboration in creativity comes into developing new projects is a daily activity, whether that be in business or art is the aim.

If you feel we could be a great fit… or have a project you would like to collaborate on feel free to get in touch.