3|30 Keep your Passion, give me some conviction. Part 1/3 of the three C’s.

“Follow your passion” is the advice given to so many if not all of us as we grow up, and for the most part this is sound advice.

It also seems to have little accuracy in determining whether or not you will be successful in your chosen field.

Sure it is needed. No one wants to work with someone that is a passionless mope.

However, in my crumb of experience, I’ve seen that it isn’t the passionate that drive results, it is the convicted. All too often us young professionals mistake passion for enjoyment. Quickly becoming lazy when the work gets dry or boring.

Being bought up in the JackPot generation where ribbons and trophies are given out to all participants. More than ever we are given the freedom and opportunity to pursue a career in what we are most passionate about, to be so bold, we have it easy… and when it’s easy, we become soft.

Then this ‘passion’ causes us to stop when it gets hard, or when we lose, or when our opinion doesn’t get heard, or someone is rude to us. Opting out, I have heard dozens of young college graduates including me. Well, to be honest, I’ve even heard forty-year-olds saying ‘this isn’t what I signed up for.’

Neither, welcome to life.

Conviction – ‘a firmly held belief or opinion.’

Conviction is the thing that seems to make the worst of us stand out, the image of a stubborn donkey comes to mind when I see this word. It is, however, the thing that I’ve found makes all difference.

Conviction in oneself and conviction achieving a successful outcome. It is this that I believe we should vet, promote and train for.

Conviction being the side-kick to commitment. The unwavering pain in our arse that seems to get their way and get shit done. It is the conviction that brings the spark, you can see in their eyes, that little bit of insanity that ensures a vision will be actualized.

Forcing you to mutter ‘Dam, they actually might pull this off.’

The ones with conviction although at times are wrong. Push through, finding a way, making one when there isn’t one, and dealing with the crap that comes along with it.

Now hiring a person with some conviction brings with it ideas and opinions that they most likely will be convinced are right. This I argue is better than the alternative, a careless, indecisive, opinionless, ill be it a passionate pushover. Someone who accepts and agrees with everything.

It is the convicted that will change the game, it is the convicted that will ensure a positive result. It is the people with just a splash of conviction you should hire.

Yes, at times they will be painful, being it hard to change their opinions as they may be stubborn, steadfast in their view. If cultivated correctly, however, a young person with conviction can be dangerous.

Like a donkey, they won’t stop until they get what they want.