The 2018 30 Challenge. | #1

This will be the first of 30 posts, a challenge set by myself to ensure I attempt at least a small amount of writing this coming year.

The idea is to improve how I articulate my thoughts, take a risk by bringing as much vulnerable truth as I can muster to each topic I write about, whilst hopefully, saving others from the mistakes I have made, and with reflection learn more about myself and the things I write about.

So, with that said, Let’s begin.

If you were to ask people what I do you would probably get varying answers, some would say, Entrepreneur, others would say I’m an Actor, few would say Writer, and most would say Salesman, Leader or Businessman. They would all be right in some regard.
I… I believe myself to be a creator or better yet a co-creator because rarely anything I do is truly original.

It doesn’t matter if it is a business strategy, a book, screenplays, a sales process or marketing and product development, I truly just want to create.

Why must you only be one of the above, why can’t you say “Hi my name is Nick, I am a creator.” or “Hi I’m Nick, I try and build things.”

I grew up with the mentality that ”I will try every facet of life, even the bad” this lead me to try, fail and suck at more things than I wish to mention but, what it did lead me to was the thrill of creating and building something, to see it fail or even on a rare occasion it sometimes working.

So, This is me…

My Name is Nick, I am 25, I work for an Australian start-up company, we recently became the #4 fastest growing tech company in Australia. I live in LA where I head up our USA Sales operations, recently acting as COO of the USA and now Heading up our Sales engine.

I love building content, from writing a book (yes singular) to acting in short films, web series(s) and even a couple of indie feature films launching later this year.

I did a short stint in the military, studied business, marketing, accounting, economics, and journalism at university… none of which I finished. I have worked on Oil rigs around the world from the Northern Seas of Europe to Jungles in Asia and sweated it up in the outback of Australia.

I have worked in bars, stripped for money (although I am a terrible dancer), and once I was a lifeguard which I was utterly terrible at, but don’t worry no one died so it’s fine.

I grew up in a small town 3 hours from the nearest city with a population of around 10,000 people.

I come from an extremely hard working blue collar military family, which meant I was blessed to grow up in a number of random little towns around Australia.

Like most Aussie’s I love to travel, at this point in life I have lived in over 15 cities permanently and visited another 40 on top of that.

I am now at the point in my life where I have tried a few things, seen a few things and experienced a few things, I’ll be it rather shallowly. Although most people under 30 would feel that doing something for 2 years makes you an expert, it doesn’t.

Living how I have lived I believe makes you a great student but a notorious jack of all trades master of none, which is something that I feel won’t bring great impact.

Thus it is no longer enough to merely try things, the aim is to go deeper into a select few areas where I can hopefully have a greater impact on the world than merely to just experience it.

But where to start?… A self-indulging blog of course.

I am Nick and this is just another attempt to become a creator, a builder, a producer.


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