Ask and you shall receive.

You have probably heard a quote along the lines of ‘If you can dream it, you can achieve it.’ The power of thought is something many preach, few master and most don’t believe.

Some call it ‘woo woo’ others call it ‘God’, some ‘The Universe’ others just plain old positivity. The power of thought and the way we think is still shrouded in so much mystery with the majority of the global population being victim to their own thoughts, it becomes hard for us to believe that by merely thinking positively it can give you the life you have always wanted.

Simply ‘manifesting’ everything you desire as ‘they’ say.

For me, it was always hard to have faith in the unknown I question everything (including myself), too much. But what I will share with you are a few reasons why this is something you need to look into.

Since being thrown into the world of entrepreneurship and self-development, the mindset is preached higher than anything. 

Here are my results both short term & Long Team;

The last 2 years (long-term);

I have just finished my second year with the company I work for, just 2 months after focusing on my mindset I landed a role as an actor, a job as an entertainment presenter, a free trip to a coastal paradise and a job that would take me around the world.

I have now built myself within this company to the point where the board trusted me enough to fly half way around the world to lead and build our company.

Upon returning back to Australia for a brief period, I had a moment to refocus and assess where my head was at, I decided that I wasn’t doing as much as I should and refocus in on the mindset that 2 years prior had lead to all my minor successes.

This and our CEO outright told me to meditate.

The Last 3 weeks (short-term) – 

Writing down my goals, my affirmations and who I am (even though I am not what I am writing yet) I have sold more than any other person in our company, gaining the attention from the entire board and investors.

I twice a day think, feel and believe I am successful that I attract wealth and live in abundance in all areas of my life. It just so happens that I built my network in one of the richest areas in Sydney and made more money in one week than I ever have with this company.

Or maybe it was just coincidence. 

There is something I can’t explain, it is an ‘energy’ all of us feel but none of us can accurately articulate, what it actually is or the power it has. This is where terms like ‘God’ ‘the universe’ and ‘one-ness’ start to pop up, it is our individual way of attempting to explain the unexplainable.

Don’t bother.

Life is mystery don’t waste time trying to figure it out (see the sense of humor post), just know that there is something at play greater than ourselves and it is on your side, but not only that. You can influence it, guide it and if you get good enough you can control it.

There are too many people that are running this world, the uber successful, athletes, actors, business people, politicians, the world leaders who believe in this power, this energy that at some point or in every single day of their lives it is at play. 

The opportunities you can’t quite figure out just how you got so ‘lucky’ to be in the right place at the right time.

The next step once fully understanding and accepting there is something at play greater than yourself is to start using it to not only allow it the power to help but to start writing the script to how it helps you.

To do this it is very very simple which makes it even more unbelievable for some to trust in. But trust me it works.

  • Have a clear vision (Goals) for what you want. (write it down, over and over and over. I do this morning and night.)
  • Speak it into the world/ take action on it. (Don’t hide in fear and wait for it to happen, that cowardess, the universe can sense that, you need to have the courage to take the first step.)
  • Consistency beats potency – 10 minutes a day is better than one 10 hour day. (Do it every day not one day a month for 24 hours straight.)

Allow time to happen, have an ounce of faith and take action every day in the direction of your vision, it will all fall it to place, trust me on that, it works in weird ways.

Staying aware, being present and letting it come into your life is the trick, staying grateful that it is there to help is a must.

This thing we call life happens for you.

It is an amazing, beautiful thing we have been blessed with. Enjoy it.

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