Why you should Go Home.

Recently I was forced to head back to Australia to transfer visas something I wasn’t looking forward to. However trying to look on the bright side, it would allow me time to head back to my home town to see my family and high school friends.

It has the same affect on me every time I do so. Motivation overdrive.

The drive to achieve more, become more, help more, grow more, prove to them, prove to myself, to prove to everyone that had doubted me, all the emotions that come with a lost out of place slightly spiteful teenager that is out to show the world how great he is, gets rekindle.

Taking the time to go back to where it all started has so many benefits, firstly it humbles you to never forget where you came from ensuring you are thankful and grateful in the upmost of all the amazing things you are getting to experience along with your journey that so many others don’t.

It gives you time to reflect on what you truly want, the dreams and aspirations of your 16-year-old self flood back (well they do for me anyway). It gives you a chance to look at what you’re doing now, is it what you dreamt of doing all those years ago? If not why not? are you really living the life you dreamt of living?

And lastly, out right ball breaking sickening motivation rejuvenation to see the people that laughed at you, poked fun at your dreams, down graded your goals, belittled your aspirations doing absolutely nothing, is oh so sweet.

For me it drives part of me, it may be the childish immature part, but that part gets the gears moving. Stuff forgetting all the bad times the average minded people (they’re the worst kind be wary of them) use it, let it burn inside you, let it eat at you, let it get you up early and force you to stay up late.

Being around people that now can no longer belittle my goals as I am proving to them that I am going to be great, no longer can they laugh at me saying it won’t work like they used to… before the results started to flow in. 

You would think they would praise you or at least compliment you, this doesn’t happen they just stay quiet. They go from ‘haters’ to ‘Naysayers’ these are the most dangerous people they no longer outwardly put you down, which is very easy to fight against. 

No, they stay silent, they don’t ask, they don’t complement, they make indirect comments about the risk, about the possible negatives that could come out of what your doing, or highlight what others are doing. 

Let them.

You are now shining a bright flood light on their short comings their dreams not achieved, their fears, their insecurities, their weakness.

Own who you are, go home let it reignite the dream the ignorantly positive dream that inspired you to start this trek all those years ago as you walked home from school, knowing you are better than everyone you are surrounded by.

You are a dreamer, never ever stop dreaming.

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