Why laughing at yourself is so freeing.

A great movie is the ‘peaceful Warrior’ I highly recommend going out and renting it or ripping it for free, whatever.

It is about an injured gymnast or finds the oddest of coaches in a service station attendant he is taught about his body, mind and the universe and all of it is based on a true story he…. I won’t ruin the ending.

Now, he is taught the 3 laws of the universe:

#1 The world is a mystery don’t waste trying to figure it out.

#2 Change – Know nothing stays the same.

#3 Humour – Have a great sense of humor especially about yourself.

We are going to talk about #3 Humor, it is undervalued at times and it is absolutely game changing when implemented holistically.

I recently found myself juggling multiple requests in a position I knew nothing about, at night studying on everything to do with the topic so the next day I could continue saying yes to people many years in advance of me and that are truly successful in this area. 

Somehow convincing them to trust me to get the job done. At times I would be nervous, worried and cautious to say yes. Don’t ever say no (see ‘Yes Man’ Post). I have built my life off saying yes. 

What gets me saying yes is knowing that as I walk out of the meetings with people who shouldn’t know I exist is that I will be laughing. I find it hysterical that they listen to me, that they look to me for an answer and trust me to guide the situation.

Keeping a sense of humor and light-heartedness about any situation allows you to operate closer to a feeling of ‘play’, similar to that as a child where there is no worry just fun and opportunity.

This isn’t to be mistaken for not thinking highly of yourself in any regard but to allow yourself the freedom and it is freedom to not take yourself so seriously. The worse that can happen might sound deathly at the time but it isn’t, you may lose a contract, your job or worst of all maybe you’ll lose face.

In 12 months, shit, in 12 weeks it won’t matter, you can build again better, faster and bigger.

But if you win, if it goes your way. Your life with speed up at a pace to everyone around you that is shocking, the upside is endless… never ever cap your upside.

Go big, and smile the whole way to the top.

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