Don’t tell the world your vision, Sell them On it.

I work in a company where not only does the left hand not know what the right is doing, but the left doesn’t even know there is another hand.. or that there are two feet.

However, recently I sat down for a few drinks with the founder and CEO of the company a very successful young man, the youngest to take a company public in fact. 

Now, I asked him “What is his vision for this company?” 

He proceeded to tell him his vision and why the company is in existence. Without divulging his mission it was something I would have never guessed in a million years. Instantly my respect for him and where we are as a company and we are going grew, but more so why we were going went there is the reason my respect went through the roof.

My point is this, make sure you have a vision. But, not only that be able to communicate your vision and then ensure the people around you, your team the ones who are going to help you get there know your vision. 

Your team might not be a company, it could be your family, your girlfriend, your teacher, your coach, your best friends it doesn’t matter who they are in your life if they affect your chances of reaching your goal, your vision for your life they need to be on the same page as you.

Connor Mcgregor said it ‘Notoriously’ good ‘A lot of times people believe certain things, but they keep to themselves, shy away from them, they don’t put it out there. If you truly believe it, if you become vocal with it, you are creating that law of attraction and it will become a reality.’

You need a vision for yourself, that is certain. You then need to be able to articulate it, sell people on it and inspire people with it. There are very few things if anything in this life that you are able to do on your own you need the help of the people around you to make it happen.

I believe there are two types of people in this world; those with a vision and those without, much like that in sales as Grant Cardone puts it you are either being sold or doing the selling, the ones without a vision are helping someone else achieve theres.

Figure out what your vision is.

Once you are so sold on your vision that you can’t keep it in anymore project it into your life, build an army of people that are going to help you achieve it, people love to help people, whether you think so or not, they do.

Now a word of caution, once you start to tell people your vision depending on the people around you there will blow back.  If they feel they are better then you maybe they will encourage you, if they feel threatened they will mock you, discourage you, warn you, or worse do nothing at all.

It most likely won’t be an outrageous hatred filled comment sent in your direction, but a smug ‘good luck with that’ or ‘geez that’s going to be hard’ or maybe a chuckle.

I have two laws you need to live by. Period. No Buts. Cut these people out of your life. if they do not join your bandwagon, once again fucking period, Get rid of them. They are cancer and will pull you down slowly, silent and surely.

If they do not join your bandwagon, once again fucking period, Get. rid. of. them. They are cancer and will pull you down slowly, silent and surely.

This doesn’t have to be a dramatic thing just take note of how they react and ignore it, find the people that will join you.

There are a few reasons for their reaction and most of them are none of your problems. It shows more about who they are as a person then it does about you. 

The one thing that will be your fault is your conviction, unfortunately, you probably aren’t going to speak about it with much conviction or clarity the first 2 dozen times, which is ok.

If you say it enough it will become your promise,  your oath, your future.

Good luck, aim high and don’t just tell the world, sell, inspire and uplift the world with your vision.


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