Why you should be a ‘Yes’ Man.

This might get some blow back as I know there is a great strength in saying ‘no’, sticking to your guns and focusing on a niche.

Yes, doing multiple things allows you to get distracted at times, but what it does especially in the early days is bring opportunity toward you, at a micro and macro level. 

Within an office, people will know you as the go-to guy, within in a company, you will be known as the guy that gets things done.

Saying ‘yes’ when you don’t know the answer, when you’re unsure on how to solve the problem, when you have no idea how to do a certain task, is when it seems only reasonable to say ‘I am not sure’, maybe there is a better person who can handle this.’

Fuck that. Say ‘Yes’ and Figure it out.

Two things will happen you will either force yourself to learn it and ace it or you will try and learn it and fail. Either way, you will learn something new, about yourself, a random task or a new topic.

It is the quickest way to move up and forward, but most of all it is the quickest way to gain experience, experience in learning, in trying and best of all failing. 

Saying ‘Yes’ is by no means about not asking for help it is merely about taking on any and every single problem, task, activity, event, date, gym session, book, film, artwork, taking a class, public speaking, This is about saying ‘Yes’ to absolute every oppurnity.

Saying ‘Yes’. Is what has built my career, my company, and my opportunities, it has also put me into corners of sleepless nights, mass stress and huge face losing humiliating failures…

I still say ‘Yes’.

The gravity of me saying Yes is getting higher, but so is the opportunity. People get shocked when you say yes;

Do you know how to Market Online? Yes

Can you do accounts? Yes

Can you close the account that is worth $100,000? By golly Yes

These three situations put me in a position to be a leader that the board of my company actually listens to.

Can I do those things no, well at the time I could…. now I can. I invested multiple thousands of my own dollars into courses that taught me how to market online, I know own my company, I stayed up all night re-reading my Accounting textbook from University so I could do my weekly report on why our RPU was low, a term I didn’t know.

It means Revenue Per User, in case you were wondering.

I understand if you struggle with this concept, most sane half-brained people would. So at the very least reply with;

“Sure, I will figure it out.”

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