Learn sales

Sales are the key pillar of all business, period, we know this. Although to take it one step further I believe sales is the key pillar of life.

It is the art of influence and communication between two or more people, it is the master key for all locks. This is something I wish I was taught in primary school (elementary school to non-Australians).

Sales have such a terrible stigma attached to it that so many people are turned off by the idea of being called a ‘salesman’ and up until the last few years I thought the same way. I am going to tell you why sales are so important, and no doubt you will probably still say yeah it’s just not for me and I will still call Bullshit. 

Being good at sales isn’t just about money, it’s actually not about that at all it’s about getting what you.

Hopefully, my story will help.

I left high school at 18 like all normal kids not knowing what to do I signed up for the Australian Military after traveling the country drinking too much and meeting people I still call my closest friends I moved on. 

After a small stint as a bartender (where somehow I managed to drink more than in the Navy) I got a job in the Oil & gas industry traveling the world working on Oil Rigs and to be completely honest being bored as shit, I thought yep I should go to uni and back to bartending.

University because that’s what you’re ‘meant’ to do right? After two years and 4 separate majors and changing degrees 3 times. I finally got the balls to chase my dream of becoming an Actor, that is where I met a one Kahli Wiliams, an amazing Actress and an even better salesman (although she would hate me saying that).

 Kahli hooked me in and I joined her Network Marketing company (MLM) if you have heard of these you probably have a bad taste in your mouth and probably for good reason, I hadn’t.

Well, that is where I first learned about this thing called “sales” and upon starting with the company where I was thrown into a room of sales people (even if that’s not what they called themselves). That is where I was shown the world of personal development and audiobooks. 

I studied, I sold, I hustled every Mofo I could find and even the ones I couldn’t. Walking into shoe stores pretending to buy the new Nike’s I would hit up the workers to join my team.

Within 4 weeks of being shown how to sell and yes rather poorly I had landed my first lead role in a feature film (Highest Point), convinced a lecturer to give me extra time which meant I would pass and not fail the semester, landed a free trip to one of the most beautiful places in Australia, sold $16,000 worth of green juice and landed a job that in 12 months time would take me to the USA as Head of Operations for a publicly listed video technology company (which is where I write this from as I fly back home from Texas). 

All that within the first 4 weeks of learning sales, now I am not the best salesman by any means but what I learned, however, is how people think, how to sell myself, my ideas, my vision and to convince people to follow me (leadership is also what kids should be taught but lets save that for another day). 

I learned influence and the communication skills to articulate it.

Sales are simply the skill of communicating so you can get what you want whenever and however you want it. It is ok to get what you want, the girl, the job, the promotion, commission, the lead role, picking where to go for dinner.

It is ok to get what you want, the girl, the job, the promotion, commission, the lead role, picking where to go for dinner.

As Grant Cardone said ‘Your either selling or being sold’

Sales have opened doors that I never thought I would have available to me, allow yourself to learn this skill. Here are the books I started with;

Tony Robbins – The Power of Influence (You-Tube Video)

Grant Cardone – Sell or be Sold

Brian Tracy – The Psychology of Selling

Jim Rohn – Anything that comes out of this man’s mouth.

Pitch Anything – Oren Klaff

If you read this you will probably notice how closely sales and leadership intertwined this is for the very simple reason of the two skills above influence and communication and yes they are skills and they can be learned, trust me.

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