What I wish I was told as a Teenager

This is mainly written for young men (as I am a guy) however it may be for anyone, I still don’t truly understand woman but I feel at a young age we all struggle with similar confidence and self-identity issues.

Growing up, I wasn’t confident, I got so nervous I would pretend I didn’t see people as I walked down the main street of my hometown and just wouldn’t know what to say to woman… at all.

I was by no means a recluse I was out doing things, I played sport, a lot of sport, I was involved at my school and I had a great social life. But, I never seemed to be truly confident and at ease anywhere, I was never myself.

This is the struggle with being at high school your whole world is that school, although you know there is more out there you are yet to truly experience it.

In the years after high school, I changed careers, traveled and do what most people do, find themselves or try to at least and as I grew and tried new things I became more confident and at ease with myself.

I joined the military, worked on oil rigs, helped build a multi-national tech start-up, went to university, got dumped and even tried stripping (yes this means I wore a G-string).

There are so many things I wish I was told at a younger age just to speed this process of building confidence up so I could learn to be more at ease with who I am, and love myself.

Here are a few things I wish I was told at a younger age.

Go to the Gym – Your physical and mental states are one and the same, not only will you look better but you will feel strong, more confident.

Seek out mentors – This is life changing, seek out and find people that are doing something you respect whether it’s in the industry your interested or merely something you are half intrigued by being around great people, it doesn’t matter what they’re great in, it changes you. It rubs off on you like a tar you just can’t seem to remove you’re stuck with it for life, Thankfully.

Leave assholes at the curb – The people you go to high school with are forced upon you, once you leave it is on you if you keep hanging around them. Sometimes a lack of confidence can be the result of hanging around with arseholes, see the point above get around great people.

Do you – Focus on what you like to do and ignore what everyone else says friends, parents, teachers, everyone. If you want to do something go wholeheartedly toward it. Especially while you are young.

Meet new people – Travel whether it just be the town over or to the closest city and meet people, go to events, get some culture, a new perspective, it will open you up to the world that you didn’t know, seek out the weird!

Know that everyone else is just as insecure as you – Sleep easy that everyone else is just as insecure, it just comes out in different ways. Period.

Start young – You aren’t too young, start now! whatever it is, start now do more than anyone else your age is doing, learn guitar, another language, go to a university seminar, go to networking events. We are in the day and age where a 21-year-old can take a company public (my boss), age is irrelevant, skill, experience, and mainly attitude are the real players. 

Do more than the people around you – This is the Number #1 thing I wish I was told, everything is relative just because you are doing ok compared to who you are around it means nothing, do more, then do more and once you have vomited from working yourself too hard, do more.

These are just a few tips, some may help, some may not. The main thing Is start it won’t be easy, it will be scary, but I promise you the earlier the start the easier it will be when you are older. 

The main thing is to start it won’t be easy, it will be scary, boring, and at times maybe even lonely but I promise you the earlier you start the easier it will be when you are older. 

Start now. Do More. And for the love of god get rid of Arseholes.

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