Brain washed – ‘We are what we believe’

The brain is an amazing thing, it is how we have survived as a species and how we as individuals can both simultaneously connect with more people than ever before in history and still feel lonely.

With the most powerful part of the brain also being the most unknown, the Subconscious.

It allows us the ability to brainwash ourselves and how we think. It single handily has the ability in allowing us to brainwash ourselves into becoming whoever we wish to be.

The subconscious doesn’t judge any thoughts, it takes all thoughts and feelings as absolutes. Being completely gullible it reinforces everything it hears the conscious mind thinking and feeling.

Although this seems daunting as I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to thinking shitty thoughts, or that X is too good to be true.

Once this initial fear disappeared, a powerful resolution hit me.

I can be anything, become anyone, there are no limits only that which we put upon ourselves. Cliche right.

There are multiple ways you can control how you think I suggest doing all of them at least a little. They fall into two main categories Internal and external.

External –

Is the world around us the content we consume on our Facebook, televisions or simply and most pressingly the people we spend the most time with.

News – ‘CNN’ Constantly negative news; These companies get paid to dramatize stories so more people will watch them, this is a very quick and consistent way to create a cynical mindset.. turn off the TV. Period. This doesn’t mean you can’t be informed it means you need to seek out information from the credible sources like the individual journalist’s on the ground.

Audiobooks, Music & The Radio – This is what you listen to when you plug your headphones in, it can be a massive asset or merely switch off time. One is lazy the other is an active push toward consuming content that will improve your life.

When Radio was the predominant news outlet, it was the first to be taken over whenever a military would invade another area, this being because of its immense power to control and shift how and what people think about.

The people around you – This is the hardest of all, one of the greatest sayings of all time is ‘you are the average of the five people you hang around most.’ This could be friends, colleagues or even your family.  If you surround yourself with negative, lazy people you are most likely going to be negative and lazy. 

Despite common belief, you actually have a choice with who you hang around with. Choose wisely, anyone that doesn’t actively help you and grow you is doing the opposite. Even if they don’t bring you down by them not building you up they are weighing you down.

This is the trap so many people fall into at a young age and then struggle to break the habits of surrounding themselves in an environment which slowly but surely shifts them to survivable mode instead of thriving.. it is comfortable and it is where life is wasted.

Internal –

This is what you say to yourself, no one hears this, it is tough, slippery and tricky to control but this is where life can change instantly and dramatically. For life to change you must first begin from within.

There are enough people in this world to doubt you, enough people to say it’s ‘too risky’, enough people to watch you without trying to help you, don’t add to this by doubting yourself.

The very worst thing that can happen from trying, from taking risk is an empty bank account and some lost time.

Hot Tip #1 – The time will pass anyway and the people that are doubting you are broke anyway.

Affirmations – This is where you can affirm who you are, or even better who you want to be i.e I am a great business person, I intuitively and dominate understand marketing, I attract great things into my life.

Remember earlier about the subconscious not knowing what is a lie and what is the truth, this is where you can brainwash yourself to think, feel and be a success, to be whoever you want to be.

This may seem a tad ‘woo woo’ to some people, however, I challenge anyone to try this for a sustained period of time and not see results. The mind is the most powerful weapon we have, feed it, let it grow and watch life you want to live manifest around you.

Goals – This is where the walking to the talking comes in. Self-talk and affirmations are vital, however, with no action, nothing will happen. It starts with direction set goals, set big outrageous, exciting, ear to ear smiling goals that keep you up at night.

I suggest setting goals that are short term, I do daily, weekly and quarterly goals these all leads toward my vision I want for my life.

When setting your goals to make sure they are measurable and time sensitive, you need to know exactly what you need to do and most of all why you need to do it, what does achieving this goal mean for you.

Hot Tip #2 – When writing your goals be sure to focus on the result you want, activity isn’t productivity focus on the result and not the task to achieve it. 

Example (Quarterly Goal) – I am finically free and independent with 4 streams of cash flow. The ‘Why’  – So I can pay for my skydiving lessons and have the time freedom to build my acting skills.

This is longer term goal over three months which gets broken down into weekly and daily goals, where I am building my business, making cold calls, developing marketing strategies etc.

The above is a brief overview of what can change your life instantly, in a matter of month you can find yourself on the other side of the world running a business like I did!


‘We are what we believe and you decide what you believe.’

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