What are you doing at 24?

It’s Monday morning I wake up at 4:45, sit at my laptop to do some work before heading to the gym at 6:00.
A little hung over I turn off the music and put on an episode of the @jockopodcast. He is interviewing @brianstann.
I am feeling good, looking around the gym I am one of the bigger guys in there (for once), up early grinding it out, doing what they say you need to do to become great. Brian Stann starts to tell a story of his first real ‘firefight’ in the Middle East.
Coordinating 4 armored vehicles, 2 tanks and a gunship (Apache), not to mention the 10’s of his men. They are heavily pinned down and he needs to regain control of the situation all while figuring out what caliber of ammunition they are firing so he can operate according to the US Military’s strict guidelines.
He then goes to say “..it was pretty crazy to be doing this…. and I was 24.”
At 20 freaking 4! Here I am running a small team of roughly a dozen full-timers and 30 contractors, in a comfy air conditioned room and I still have no idea what everyone is doing.
To say it was a slap in the face would be an understatement. It was the steep reminder of what is possible at such a young age. It reiterated the old but true saying “You are the average of the 5 people you hang around most.”
Remember everything is relative. Make sure you are in the room where exceptional is the norm, otherwise you quickly find yourself in awe of what you not only have the potential to do but what you already have the capability to do.
This was a great way to start my week.

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