Intro. The Long story short.

Like it says in the bio. My Name is Nick.
I have interests that seem to be completely unrelated and almost random, but I feel I can sum them all up into three areas, Growing, Creating and Building.
Growing – 2 years ago I was thrown into a room of the ‘right’ people. These people were entrepreneurial by nature and were obsessed with growth.
This is where I was shown personal development and constant state we need to find ourselves into continual grow. Whether it be self-help books, sales training, marketing seminars, or public speaking. It was the world I was oblivious to and the world that I am now obsessed with, anything that helps you improve, grow and become better I want to know about.
Creating – Wanting to be an acting since I was a teenager, creating whether it be graphic design & marketing, entertainment presenting or acting. Pretty much anything to do with creating engaging content I want to be a part of.
Building – I love building businesses, whether it be online, old-school brick & mortar or manic new age tech-start ups. Seeing something go from conception to shelf is an amazing feeling.
More than that though building people and seeing that light bulb moment, the barrier break down as they gain more confidence, trying to figure out the psychology behind their mental walls is a complete fascination and brings me great joy to help people grow, in any facet of life.
I was fortunate enough to find myself in a number of different jobs that took me around the globe which allowed me to grow, learn and most of the fall on my face… a lot. It took me from the bustling streets of New York City to the jungles of the Philippines, working with people from all cultures and having roles that were far beyond my capabilities quickly enforced a steep learning curve, which I loved.
It allowed me to grow quickly and test a lot of theories I had about leadership, management and growing business through different marketing and sales avenues. Which as I’m sure you will see time and time again on here, it comes back to the basics, the people within the organization. It isn’t a new age discovery, but one a lot of people tend to look over.
This website was started in the hope of adding value both to your business and in your personal life, hopefully, something on here can help you grow and achieve your goals.

I hope you can find value in what I will post and I look forward to building with you.
– Nick


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